photo diary from a strange summer

journal quotes + images by Gergana G Popova    
  Central London permanently looked like 8am on a Sunday.
Even at 5pm on Tuesday.

"I feel like I'm on a holiday. It's hot and I'm walking around slowly. All the businesses are boarded or under construction. I just don't know whether I've arrived pre or post-season… “

“There were no people to stare at [yes, I’m a people-watcher], so I rediscovered the beauty of the concrete. “

“Walking down the empty streets & suddenly hearing the TFL announcements spooks me.”

“I went for a walk around 18:30. It was so quiet in Silk Street tunnel that I could hear my own foot steps. When was the last time you could hear your own foot steps in town [heels don't count!]?“

Drop me a message on the platform to share how you want the world to be different.
G x

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