isolation memoir by Kate Parr

by Kate Parr 



mm: Firstly - how are you? How are you feeling about this new yet unexpected season?

KP: Hey! Yes, I’m good you know? Finally feeling settled and calm about this change. We’re all in it together which brings me comfort and I’m finally welcoming the new challenges it’s bringing.


mm: What exciting new things have you found out about yourself during this season?

KP: I’d missed routine! I thrive in routine; I know I do... yet the life I was living pre-covid 19 was a little all over the place. Hustling between auditions, teaching fitness classes, training, learning and trying to keep some sort of social life. Right now I am loving knowing exactly what needs to be done at a certain time. Whatever I’m working on at that time I’m excited by and it’s made me appreciate it even more.


mm: What does staying at home look like to you? Was it something you were familiar with before or not?

KP: It’s very very new. I normally leave the house @ 5.30am go to teach early morning classes, then go to auditions/ lessons whether they’re singing lessons, acting or dance. Then I’ll teach a lunch class, then program/admin work in a coffee shop, then teach evening classes... then home straight to bed! So WOW was this is shift (and a needed one at that).  Home to me is rest time, recovery time and a place where I re energise – it’s not somewhere that I usually spend lots of time. But right now home is out of London in the countryside, with my mum, walking the dog, my workspace, my workout space AND my resting space all in one. It’s calm and I’m enjoying it.


"Home to me is rest time, recovery time and a place where I re energise."



mm: Do you have any advice for those who might struggle staying at home? 

K: Call upon your community where your passions lie. Whatever that may be! Social media is at the moment (if used correctly) a wonderful space. So many people giving free classes, workshops, content. Lap it up! Take each day as it comes and don’t give yourself a hard time for feeling de-energised some days, tomorrow is a new day.


mm: Have you picked up any new hobbies or reignited anything you used to do (that perhaps haven’t had time for)?

K: YES! And I'm loving it. I am taking more dance classes than ever before – in London it becomes a pricey affair and I’m usually auditioning/teaching at times when my favourite choreographers have classes. Now I’m doing jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary every week and living my absolute best life! 

Secondly! Meditation. Wow, I’ve been trying so hard with this for the past 2 years. After struggling for a while with panic attacks and anxiety I needed meditation in my life. I tried with headspace, and Deepak Chopra and enjoyed it but never had a routine with it. Now 08.30am every day a friend and colleague @leo_oppenheim who’s a trainer @bloklondon is running daily breathwork and meditation livestreams on his Instagram. Boy oh boy are they lovely. 


 “Don’t give yourself a hard time for feeling de-energised some days, tomorrow is a new day.”



mm: What does “prospering in isolation” mean to you?

K: Three things really - Taking time for self-care. The more we’re able to look after ourselves, the more we’ll be able to help and inspire others.  Taking time for gratitude, I'm reflecting so much more on things and it’s crazy how much we all have to be grateful for. Finally, community and friendship – catching up with friends, being able to lean on them and having them lean on me. We’re in this together after all!


mm: What new self-care things have you implemented to help keep yourself feeling sane, and even like you’re thriving, in this time? 

K: Skin care! Ooooh wearing no make-up is incredible! My skin was so congested and polluted from that London life. I’ve bought myself an entire new Elemis collection and taking the time every morning and night to look after it. 

Meditation – keeping me grounded, open and aware.


mm: Who or what are you most inspired by right now? 

K: The theatre industry. They are doing SO much. Wow. From Soho Theatre releasing ‘Fleabag’, National Theatre releasing so many plays from their archives and casting directors like Pearson doing Zoom workshops on audition processes for their shows. It makes me proud to be a part of an industry that does so much good. I’m also super inspired for this to be over – GET ME IN THAT AUDITION ROOM. I actually can’t wait.


mm: What do you think about allowing ourselves to get bored - healthy or not? Useful for creatives or not? 

K: It’s SO important. We must rest. In my opinion, this is a gift. It’s a time to recover and re-energise ready for whatever happens when this is all over. As creatives it’s hard to stop, it’s hard to take a step back when we know exactly where we are aiming to get. But we must! If we calm our mind it will clear it so that there’s space for all the good ideas to flow in. THEN we can work

(of course don’t become lazy, but take a hot minute to just chill)


mm: What are you watching / listening to / reading?

K: MONEY HEIST – holy sh*t it's so good (sorry for swearing hehe). Gripped. It’s in Spanish so needs a little concentration but worth it. The character Tokyo played by Úrsula Corberó is ICONIC.

I’m listening to all the music. All of it. Reconnecting with long favourite bands and DJ’s. So much Jungle, Leon Bridges,  Jack Garrett and a little OC&Verde to get me through my training.

Currently reading – Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. It’s sobering and vital to be honest. Opened my eyes dramatically.


Kate xx


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