30 day slay by modelme

The 30 day slay is a 30 day challenge to help YOU be the BEST VERSION of YOURSELF. 

We have 30 different topics lined up over the 30 days (Mon 4th Jan - Tue 2nd Feb) to help you with your mental health, nutrition, fitness, personal development and skincare. 

Every day will have a different topic, and throughout the whole month we have a running club, fitness challenges, and a series of educational + empowering events from role models in the creative and wellness industry. 

By signing up to our mailing list, you will receive a weekly preview of what's to come for the week ahead, with valuable top tips + takeaways for you to prepare for. We will also be sending an activity tracker for you to track your progress, and a full breakdown of the month (as a PDF) once the slay is finished, something for you to keep and go back to when you wish! 

Full schedule of the 30 day slay is below.

Full event scheduling is here. All events are free + hosted through zoom, so if you wanna slay on that event with us you need to sign up via eventbrite or on our mailing list. 

To sign up to our membership platform with 2 free months - enter "30DAYSLAY" at checkout! 

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