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April is Sustainability Month at modelme

Sustainability is one of our core values at modelme. We are dedicated to provide education around the topic by interviewing industry professionals and change-makers, and creating an encouraging conversation around why we should all be looking to living more of an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

We believe that our individual small changes really do make a big difference, and we are passionate about unpacking the truth behind many things in the sustainability industry, that so often seem to be buried underneath things like greenwashing. 

Wed 14th April

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Social Impact + Sustainability

Join us as Natasha Minter, modelme Founder, will be hosting a panel style talk interviewing 3 inspirational advocates of change, who are driving social impact and sustainability initiatives through powerful + necessary causes, to unite humanity towards a better planet.


- How sustainability and slavery are connected

- How being sustainable can save human lives 

- Inspirational leaders in the social impact space

- What change you individually can have that will make a difference

Featuring Speakers:

- Eshita Kabra Davies, founder of By Rotation

- Mikey Carter, Head of UK at A21

- Marina Emma Rose, founder + designer of Marina De Buchi

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