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Tony Longe, creative producer

Tony acts with a level of discipline and ambition that I personally believe is rare in today’s world - he works harder than most but also is one of the most humble men I’ve met. An incredibly talented Creative Producer who has his imagination playing in many creative projects - you’ll find yourself uttering his name next to the likes of Beats Headphones, Film 4, and Aitch... all of who he’s already worked with.

interviewed by director Natasha.

James McMaster, ceo of Huel

Huel is nutritionally complete food, in a powder or drink format, containing an insane amount of nutrition - that has absolutely sky rocketed with success over the last 4 years. I sat down with James and discussed company culture at Huel, what the future looks like for Huel + the importance of sustainability. 

interviewed by director Natasha.

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